Meis Adası

What about the Greek island of Kastellorizo ​​lie prejudices they say had a teeny-weeny. I had not heard a lot about you, and I think it's worth going to, so I do not see the nose for the island papillona kıvırdım. I feel after returning to the island is as follows: "What happens is that one more go!”

If your holiday in Bodrum, Moving like a fountain, If you prefer to spend your hands in the air in the form of places to stroll, Do not read it from paper to bother, You will suffer because. The main theme of the holiday island of Meis spend because of "peace" based on the.

Kaş is a simple piece of land appears to be right across the street away from the Meis Island cezbedicilikten 20 minute ferry ride can be accessed. Of course you need a visa. Turkcell is so close to the island attracts full. So all this time I have not had the crisis of the bill after the trip familiar. Sorry Turkcell, Whether this is you.

Primarily by ferry approaching the charming beauty, Put both arms greeted us. The sun reflected in blue sea, lego looks cute colorful houses shrouded in silence from the boats masts already seveceğimizin this island işaretleriydi.






But as captain of the ferry to the island as tourists we met, and this time stating that the captain took us where we will be accompanied by. Greek captain greets every step of the progress of a Greek half Turkish half-an interesting detail that. Is it really such a small island famous for our captain if he had inside me. Walk from the waterfront restaurants, collectively, the "pufff" he pulled his head a vibrant voice of the sea. Earlier in Hawaii, I was pleasantly surprised with the yüzdüğümüz caretta us here. Caretta country under protection, Meis after eating in front of the restaurants were swimming.


After watching a short period of time with the captain konaklayacağımız carettas pensions pair Monika and Damien came to restaurant. Kindly welcomed us. "I was very glad to see the sight," said the captain was right, really glad and genially entertained. Monika German, The Australian-born Greek citizens Damien. His family emigrated to Australia as many Greeks wartime. When we see old photographs of the island of Meis saw an image that had nothing to şimdiyle. 300 şehirmiş island used to be inhabited by a small. Has suffered from wartime. Very few people left on the island. Having conquered the abandoned houses on the island, on the one hand sad hearts, On the other hand we have a right to. Meis, Greece abandoned to its own devices is almost an island far from the mainland. With a daily ferry service to the people of Meis, especially fresh fruit and vegetable needs such as food and clothing,, Kas provide services such as hairdresser-barber. In addition to European countries through access yapabiliyorlar Antalya. For this reason, the Turks, and some very accustomed (more seniors) language learned. Hmm, what I was? OK, Monika and Damien's pension. Restaurant 1-2 minute walk from the hostel before you made a large blue stone, I admire the various decorations on the key chain. Then the room. Cute couple in order to help our daughter comfortable hostel is not the most spacious and relatively cool room air conditioner ayırmışlardı. There are some rooms, More people are thinking about going to die soon not adopt, just a place to sleep. But there are some rooms that make you feel all happy when the self-, cabinets, almost every corner of drawers yerleşiverirsin using. For me, that's like one of the rooms.



2 Taking a room in no time we will be at night, we set off on the island. Monika and Damien Mythos beer, something with an exquisite restaurant snacked. 're Being more satisfied with the time we left the restaurant after a few more dishes. To be cool in the countryside, Highly recommended for a pleasant chat with sea views and a couple.



Later, we narrow streets, a splash of color on the back of the house from the island, we went to the bay of Mandraki. White sand beach of the island does not promise. Ideal as I do not like sand, mud consisting of. Our own 2-3 where more people on the beach, We put the stones on the towel in. The shallow bay of the sea, but it would be more appropriate to say that, and our daughter chose here to. Landscape and tree shade it or how we play games as a family do not like how much I enjoyed a lot the sea gave the mossy. For this reason, other times they entered the sea in the center of Meis.






At least up to the edge of the inner parts of the island, the sea was worth seeing. This cafe is located in the square, especially for the Oscar-winning Italian film Mediterraneo Italian tourists were taken is having a.





After preparing the room for dinner, went for a walk by the sea. Number of living on the island at; summer but he livens up the island. Domestic and foreign tourists from Turkey and Meis of tourists using the transition to other Greek islands are keeping candidates live. Even airports have daily flights to Rhodes is located.

Meis day (nevertheless visa) come to be able to return. But if you ask me spend the night in a hot environment and at least one must say thick. While having a delicious meal in the restaurants on the doorstep of the sea, Kas and quiet to enjoy the twinkling download is really exhilarating to watch.







After breakfast in our room the next day store aldıklarımızla wanted to go to a small cave on the island, which is one of the activities can be done. Taxi boat boarded meet the sea with the help of Damien taksicisiyle. 10-15 minutes, right beside the cave, but had come to an unlucky day. Because of the high waters but swim into the cave taksimizle girebilecektik. Papillon daughter jumped into the water for fear of a hero, and entered the cave to share their experiences with us. Inside the light of the sun is covered with a different kind of phosphorescent blue stone and the roof is quite louder and it seemed. Papillon before the startled, Who likes the. We left the cave, the cave taxici customer brought another boat. Without damage to the inside to be able to enter the zodiac Taxi.





(as well as the camera can not fit in the boat could not sneak in.. Internet photo: flickr by boynup)

We walked by the sea to throw ourselves after the cave waters. Even if one is not comfortable sun loungers in Greece, arguing that there is no argument, settled in a beach chair in the hotel. Nice tunes all day bay boats entering the sea, watching and enjoying the scenery I say totally cramming.




Quite familiar to other islands we have seen before, plenty of dishes in which we looked at the Greek. Meis Island specialties for sun-dried octopus.


Taking care to eat our meals in the ritual evening; melted cheese on eggplant moussaka, The saganaki fried cheese, kıvamlısı know darker cacik without, salad with feta cheese (Grek salad), stuffed squid cooked in the grill, Mythos beer and ouzo are often exquisite taste, of course, some of the tastes.



Laze around all day, made our last day at the seaside. Do not get jealous ate, We had a, entered the sea, We slept, We got up, not entered the sea again. What happens if you do not say on E? Morning ferry moored in the bay in front of us all day, and now ready for take-off. We encountered on the island have been walking towards the ferry is often greet people with their owners and restaurant. Language, from, What is the race of the children who have not agreed with each other and rotating the hand waving our daughter. Did not come again ... I wonder if that had come to a good Meis?

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37 Responses to Meis Adası

  1. good luck says:

    ilk olarak turkcell olayına koptum 🙂 yani her seferinde faturayı görünce deliler gibi sinirlenmekten bıkmış bünyeler için ilaç gibi gelir.

    island looks very nice indeed. especially in the gorgeous colors of the houses. it is such a beautiful island in close proximity to the discovery I'm sure a lot of people will be grateful to you. I wondered, but I also prices of some? accommodation, how eating and drinking rates? Is it normal for a living on the island tourism? Did a little salty or?

    • butterfly says:

      We loved the island. happening in the wild beauty of winter. life is flowing slowly, almost there. laze around all day and evening people also enjoy a great holiday appetizer and uzolarla. I think our shores cheaper prices. for example, we left the total price of the room per night 40 euro idi. cheaper food than I can say to the enclosure. Snacks 3-4 Euro (but the portions 2 satisfactory for the person) If seafood and meats 6-8 around euro.

  2. oburcan says:

    Hands of health,was a very nice trip and writing. I understand that swept the Greek islands this summer, community blogger ,I've seen a lot, including,read the article, but frankly, my favorite place was the island of Meis. Food in general has a different feel but this island looks like.
    Sorghum say next year!

  3. sez says:

    You really feel like you said, not much else of the island. There is nothing much to do, but I still did not want to go to the islands. I hope that the food will satisfy. Thank you very much…

  4. Hazal says:

    We believe that this summer, go into the safe, We thought let's go for day while you're adasınada Meis. A further enthused after reading your post.. 😀
    Do I also need a visa, but in day trips, I wonder if you have any information???

    • butterfly says:

      We loved the island of Meis. Do hope you will like. Green passport do not need a visa for. However, unfortunately for other types of passports need a visa. I think it is well worth to go to get a visa. I would recommend you to stay a few days when we get. Has a good time.

  5. Asuman Yavuz says:

    I like the'll go as soon as possible

    Thank you


  6. tugrul says:

    mrb first trip, I like your writing hand saying saglık edemiycem…I do not know how it's going to be a question for my visa processes already implemented what you need a visa at the door tesekkrler…

  7. sez says:

    Tesekkurler Tugrul Bey. If you have a green passport or visa application, unfortunately,. Greece Embassy and need to get a visa. They're taking the ferry to the island after docking operations and takes the necessary passports Officers.
    You can get detailed information about visa from this site.

  8. Marla says:

    Hello, beautiful photographs and narration! Thank you so much for sharing. I do not understand is starting point flights from Rhodes to Kas visa 20 the implementation of the visa-minute drive to the island. TAKE say without a visa, but at least collect documents needed for visa again, do not say is enough to copy photos and page. I hope that this practice takes place to the other islands after Rhodes.

    • sez says:

      Merhaba Marla,
      Visa is not enough for the time being, although on the positive developments. Visa-free travel as they wish everyone we want, Thank you for your comment edebilmesi.Güzel.

  9. Sami Azrak says:

    My wife and I would like to go to the island at the end of September,. I'm curious about staying at the B & B. Tepedemi flat feet or a yerdemi? I arrived at a very affordable price. My viewed hotels price 100 around euro. Lounger in front of these hotels and the opportunity to benefit from pension mold oluyormu?

  10. hhy says:

    Sez the Greek islands and the professionals at the moment they are on holiday papi light of the information received from them I will answer your question by phone.
    B & B and docks around comes düzayak 20 feet tall. Price performance ratio is very awfully convenient indeed. At one end of the pier there was a very large hotel, and he is also the hotel's sun loungers provided free of charge, there is something to eat and drink kullanılabiliyormuş.
    I hope this helps
    Yours. Good outings

  11. Sami Azrak says:

    :)))))))))))))))))))) I want to thank you very much been a complete answer.

  12. Dominant Bouquet says:

    In September my wife 1 eyebrow week vacation planned. Meise, but already thinking of going there to celebrate our anniversary the first reading of the text is very nice and I thought it would be a different moment.
    And did you staying at the hostel before booking? If you do not need reservations for hotels and hostels in the island at that time when we will be able to find the location found?

    • butterfly says:

      We are already on board (I damien monica) correspondence made a reservation. Again, I think it is useful to make. As much as you might think, but not high season seasons really limited Meiste accommodation. I would appreciate an e-mail pass threw our selamımızı.
      Already a good holiday.

  13. bunch of marbles says:

    Can you kindly contact the hostel?

  14. Sez says:

    Correspondence related to the hostel the following addresses. from the pass would appreciate greetings.

  15. Ayhan says:

    Hello, accommodation costs and food costs are already wonder how teşekürler.

    • butterfly says:

      Greetings from Mr. Ayhan,
      First of all I would like to mention that in general, accommodation and food and beverage prices are definitely cheaper than our shores. For example, we left the room price per night total pension 40 euro idi. Food was cheaper than the enclosure. Cold dishes 3-4 Euro (but the portions 2 satisfactory for the person) If seafood and meats 6-8 euro was around. Of course, these prices 2011 Summer prices. Perhaps you may have been modified.
      Love and Greetings.

  16. TEXT says:

    Father! You gonna do adding us……This is definitely a very good job doing….up photos are very beautiful ... This past summer,(September) Lesvos'a gittik. The first experience of Greece, Greek brothers and sisters a very loved and very, very satisfied with the Galore ... Food was awesome, uzolar superdi, Goods superdi, the sea was awesome.(Lesvos Chios mu mu Derken…..Chios da yangin cikmasi sonucu Lesvosa karar kilmisdik). Simdide Meis ADAS cikdi…..Again the next summer holiday was supposed to be a Greek island. Hangisimi? Bu biraz da size bagli 🙂

    Yours / Greetings

    • butterfly says:

      Thank you for your nice comments. I'm sure you will be pleased too from Meis. But my favorite is definitely Simi.
      Has a good time.

      • ali Yeşilay says:

        Sevgili papillon,
        We are a family of Rhodes,Chios,Gittik.Hepsinin Kos and Lesvos olive oil and its own beauty vardı.Ama Midillideki 1,5 kg.büyüklüğündeki giant squid,olmadı.Antalyada possible to forget to live and a safe sun-dried octopus 5 in spite of us come to our attention once meis Kasta çekmemişti.Zira hayırsızadaya benzetmiştik.Yazınızdan Looking after our Istanbul April 2013 to 3 I planladık.Eşimle per visit these trips to be green passport is your favorite Datçadan Simi Simi in kolaylaştırıyor.Son Have transportation?Or we will necessarily Rodostanmı?Bekliyoruz.Selam detail and love of Simi yazınızıda.

        • butterfly says:

          Greetings from Mr. Cengiz,
          I'm sure you will find the peace of mind Meiste. Has a good time.
          When it comes to Simi. Type one day a week, but I think I got off the ferry directly Datçadan I do not know the status of. We have made Bodrum-Kos-Simi. I know that the ferry Rodostan. I think I ran your eyes, but it was a lot of detail yayınlayalı summer in Simi.
          Here is the link.

  17. berrin says:

    le'm being very nice anlatmış.Yazı meis your candidate 2 cos I'm gonna go to the basement we finally planned months in May Kasta meise…beauty is a beautiful resort I have ever seen, and I'm with you I share…

  18. Sez says:

    Thank you very much. We wish you a pleasant holiday…

  19. daffodil help says:

    Film seemed to plateau ,yetmez.En lot of words to describe the pleasure that I noticed was that the flags are everywhere,Even if they drink water from Rhodes geliyormuş.Kaştan in Athens or sample a bit of a chicken sokmuyorlar.Keşke even get that and more in the concrete jungle Scratch me the most happy is plenty of peaceful yapmasak.Kaşta ,cute ,peace people , dogs and kedilerdi.

  20. Smile says:

    First of all congratulations for your exquisite, For the first time, will go or not go to the guide was very important. I retired a year ago after settling in Kas went their with our boat to the island a few times I can say we were in love with.

    Both in terms of studying to be a new sub-appendix I would like to update the information to travelers. First 2011 Since both B & B as well as a change in eating and drinking, I would say if prices, ie behind the main harbor in the bay last week (Mandraki limanı) Mandraki renovated hostel night in paradise 40 Stay in the air-conditioned rooms euros ( Food and drink prices 4 grilled octopus personality (2serving) fried calamari and grilled separately, grek salad 8 That is a 20 Barba, including beer and ouzo 63 Euro….. If you want to eat this menu Kas 250 do.
    A small correction (Let's not call the update fix) Blue caves on, first you need to know theres a cave in the morning 9-10 you should go to, because 10.30-11.00 After the water is rising and difficult to access from the boat, 2. Pay particular attention to the sea to take a taxi from the harbor renting point ta; increase in the low-water boat boat every day is something that's good, but they did not know if the customer takes you to the taxi drivers, and then “See the botheration of the sea rises luck had completed entry” he says, and you will get into the swim…Beware of this game early in order not to go to the absolute. ( This proposal is for a two-night stay of… daily ferry departures to the island because it is already 11.00 as they had reached the taxi drivers can easily fall into the trap of)…

    Veeeee…I left the end of the most important information….Meise visa application to be launched at the door. Take your passport and do while staying in the hotel in Kas pass'larını by one day in advance about the agency transactions can take place the next day, the ferry can call me your hand Meis…

    To be useful to those who wish to go to and arrivals from Kas to Meis….

    • Samet says:

      Smile thank you on the first date information. In August, my wife and I plan a coming to Kas. Meis troops are participating in the day tour but after reading these articles 2 We want to stay up gun. You're talking about the hostel on the payment and how we make reservation? Att site from e-mail to reach, but not the transformation. In fact, I'd appreciate if you recommend it for muscle. Thanks…

  21. erhan says:

    hi 1 The average price for weekly holidays and visas event sevinirim.teşekk how much they are told in a way oluyor.detayl

    • sez says:

      Hello Erhan Bey,
      In fact, a previous review that you “smile” evaluated in terms of price as well as food. Weekly'll appreciate your spending varies by everyone and every budget. But I can tell you that; If you love seafood, you'll find plenty of restaurants on the island of Meis more appropriate than our coastline and larger portions. We mostly because we want to taste varieties 2-3 the middle, Besides sharing a Greek salad and a main dish or house wine, ouzo were preferred. These types of menus 35-40 We paid Euros. Budget also important that you reserve your accommodation. Small apartments will be staying at the hotel as there are many stylish boutique hotel. Prices subject to change according to him.

      You can get tickets for a visa agency consult. If you still have a visa application at the door, portion is reduced bureaucracy and paperwork at the port is enough I think you'll fill. You can of course still paying the visa fee.

  22. Ali Kurt says:

    We decided to go by reading your site. The trip was pleasant and nice. We stayed one night. Really clean, both need to be watched and admired the beautiful. Meanwhile wants to go have some suggestions:
    First, theres tan eyebrows, 2 There are ferry company. We “carp”ness from the internet and bought tickets whether. 120We paid £ per person (Outbound separate individual return). Other companies € 25 (75£) said. Flights to companies that have received at least “shame” We say that. Attention to this.
    It's not super cheap on the island Deals. We stayed at a house hostel (Monika was not in the room) Price 50 € vicinity. But there are at least about price stability. So, for example, every place Mytos 3 €. Wants to go, I would definitely recommend eating squid. Olive Garden da
    It is recommended to eat dessert. Hi Monika and Damien. The place to stay, especially during the peak season weekends may be a problem.

  23. Gold says:

    We took ourselves to a hotel's chaise lounges Shall I find the hotel you wonder. I think the lady in the chaise lounges watching the view from the hotel and view the photo he looks very nice..

    • sez says:

      Otelin adı Mediterraneo. Formerly a boutique hotel on the opposite side of the church mosque. Definitely the right choice for your landscape.

  24. Samet says:

    Hello, your individual health as well as to share them with beautiful emeginize both very pleasant read through the article. We also can open a new journey to:) Monica and Damien hotel you are staying at your paylasmiss. Reservations gerçekleştirecegiz us how we can not oder official? You vermisse mail correspondence on the possibility of dialogue in Turkish? Thanks Greetings…

    • butterfly says:

      Hello Mr. Samet,
      First of all thank you for your nice words. Obviously we 2011 In the summer we stay in Meise. Therefore, prices may have changed somewhat and conditions. We were made to pay with credit card. We correspond in English. Perhaps could have come back to answer your e-mail if they are on holiday.
      Has a good time.

  25. Selim says:

    Meiss adası genelde güzeldi , 2 kere ailece gittik, çok ufak, çok fazla yapacak birşey yok ama yemekler vs. iyiyfi. Tek kötü tarafı Lazarakis restaurant’ın sahibi adı da Georgio Lazarakis olan bir adam var çok ahlaksız ve tebiyesiz biri, Türk olduğumuz öğrenince de bize küfür etti, dövdürtmekle tehdit etti, onun haricinde yerel halk gayet nazik ve iyi davranıyor.

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