Leros Island: No one can hear Amanda

Summer was one of the nicest I've had. Every summer vacation we have ever spent on the Greek island residents often, serene and enjoyable. Each tissue, the nature of the, the sea was different beauty. The reason a click than others, I think it was not peaceful at the top of Leros. Or my inner world is a more peaceful it was in me enjoyed it, I do not know anymore.

Leros Island transportationand we began to ride the ferry from Turgutreis. Kos' then boarded the ferry back the passports and we were Leros'. Port in us, the island later we learned that the mayor welcomed George. Name Yorgo'y probably due to George but he said everyone lived abroad. There were so cool with the mirrored glass of a type of purple glasses. Steal horn they saw on the road every few meters, The island is famous for the hand shake polls. It turned out that the head. In conversation with Fatih Terim's beloved wife said it was a friend during periods in Italy. George is a fun type you understand.

George and his wife hosted Atlazia Apartments, Ali is in place. Apartments and rooms with sea zero was not fantastic but it was met our every need. We used the kitchen for breakfast was enough.

atlazia apartments

atlazia apartments

atlazia apartments

atlazia apartments

atlazia apartments

The hotel is right next to the last stop at different times of the day Taverna tou was one of the main attractions in SA. The owner of the restaurant Dimitri approachable so, As the years's our friend. Besides congeniality, many of the dishes we tried was delicious. In the evening a quite crowded restaurant. 2 waiter (Biri Dmitri) and 1 The restaurant team of cooks that are running around the, account by Dimitri hand sign we know we want to pay any "Tomorrow, tomorrow!"He said to us. Our day domestic coffee, we eat ice cream, You noted that food accounts are something we almost take note. Such a friendly place to work.

taverna to steki

taverna to steki

Another nice feature of the hotel was the presence of special hotel in a quiet beach loungers on the right side. We go to another beach on the island before heading to the room we could not be without this beach. Behold, as the front of our house uymus. Comfortably. Our feet of Dimitri's table at sea sunset drink our coffee, We were going back to the sea.

Ali put on quite a large hotel where we are. The beach is not very wide, but because it is the most demanding of beach sand. The sea was calm when kids are having so much fun.




Bay restaurants along Ali, cafes, hotels and a few markets available. A pleasant way to walk.

Pandeli, a small fishing village. However, tourist than Alinda. Especially from the pupil of the boat.



Just behind the beach's restaurants side by side. Taverna Psaropoula-Apostolis constantly newspaper Hurriyet gave the Aegean ad. "Let's eat here, saying" We chose this place. Food was not bad but it was not the correct address here. I think it was both expensive and an ordinary restaurant. Is a "tourist trap" was for us.



Hanging to dry in front of almost every restaurant octopus appetizer. Of course, if you love seafood!


After dinner while spending time at the beach, from a fairly large boat was docked in the open Zodiac boat pier. The familiar faces in. Dogan, Ertugrul Ozkok, Hakan Yilmaz and Mehmet ahmet. Greeting, We have short chat about the day. They came to eat at Pandeli.

I'll tell you another tavern in Pandeli. On the name of the object is not written. I think that in front of the blackboard from the name Tzoymas. A shabby space. No boaters in this tavern. Usually locals and tourists who vacation there every summer Leros'. The dishes are delicious. Already very limited menu. Changing according to the seafood and fish they buy daily. In front of the sun loungers where you can enjoy free. A portion of the beach gravel PANDELI. You entered sinking into the sea. Here is where you enter the sea sandy. Eat delicious meals, Not as described in front of the pleasure of swimming in the sea.






There are rows of windmills can easily see from the Pandeli. But not many can go next drive a number of outside views.


If you drive further upwards after the windmill Pandeli Castle welcomes you. In the evening they are very nice lighting. All candidates at the top of the castle 360the You can see.

Pandeli castle

Pandeli castle

One of the interesting places to visit in the church of Agios Isidoros Leros'. Greeks tiny chapels into the rocks that we see often on the beach, This time they built a church on a rock on the sea. 50m away from the shore to the church that you can reach on foot thin road on the sea. We would not hesitate to approach our side when we went there was no one else from the cute ass.

agios isidoros

agios isidoros


Taverna Mylos island's most famous taverns. The name, It is right in front of the windmill. It would be better to go with reservations. Turkey also accounted for 80% of the table. I have no idea about the food because the tables are jammed too tightly. The children were quite tired. Located on the upper floor dominates the landscape seems to me that it might be better to have a drink at the snack section.

We face in day Pandeli columnists Dogan group they prefer to eat in the evening Mylos. White t-shirt standing Ahmet Hakan, Ertugrul Ozkok pink t-shirt, blue t-shirt and a green t-shirt Mehmet Yilmaz Aydin Dogan.

born group

mylos restoran

I can recommend the restaurant between Gourna Gourna Beach restaurant. The beach is not very good. The beach is just behind if we have to eat at the restaurant, We say we're going to come almost to no avail. Gourna biz Leros’dayken Tripadvisor sıralamasında ikinciydi. The flavor of the food was generally satisfactory.

gourna restoran

I've wondered sea urchins, but I can not say it was very successful!


Gumus mature

jumbo karides

Dimitris Taverna Karaflas Tripadvisor's ranking of the first. Terrific views. Ditto for the dishes. I think we went hours 15:00 was around. Taking Karaflas cook came over in sweat from the kitchen. Very tired and said that in order to raise our. In the taverna on the Greek island we usually think of a cook and a waiter working, this was quite likely. I think he also coincides with the siesta hours. The smell from inside our hunger had increased well. We left the makeshift tavern in swallowing and taste Pandeli stomach once again we Download. If you write to us how the food at Taverna Dimitris'. Stunning views. (Edit: 1 A year later we went back to Leros. Our first job was to go to this taverna. Cook but we came last year when he reminded us we could not eat. “You said that you and your children Y had their hungry” said. Just say that we. He said sorry to have to refuse because Density. Say they sincere, I liked this behavior. Anyway, Everything we ate, They say you know: was officially cracked palate. Still rankings 1 That the numbers did not surprise.)

taverna dimitris

taverna dimitris

taverna dimitris

taverna dimitris

We can say the center of the island to Platanos. Starting from the seaside hills extending rows of charming houses are in Platanos. Very stylish souvenir shops are surely catch your attention. Always take the time to walk across the street. A surprise awaits you at every corner you start. This surprised sometimes a cat, sometimes a flower, sometimes colored shuttered house and sometimes also a delightful views.











Yet no direct ferries from Leros to the basement. They really want to be Leroslu on. The great desire of the islanders to revive tourism. But I really like this version. It comes as a natural and peaceful when going to be crowded. I guess I'm a little selfish in this regard. Do not I just stay with you and me? Leros reserved to get our paradise. Yours…

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  1. denizzz says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article; indeed, I had not heard of this island have more önce.biz two children,We thought of going in August; I think we need to hire a car, Do you have any information about price?

    • sez says:

      Hello Sea,
      Ideal for children to go with Island. We rented car gone. But all was filled. The rent a car business owner hired his car to us. There was no air conditioning. 35We paid € for a day. You'd better set in advance. I wish you a happy holiday.

  2. Bulent Garden says:

    His 2 Greek islands on a fairly high level and years of experience with curiosity as two friends ( Our lives are not subject this one of the biggest factors Izmir ) We have heard and we're going to Leros 12 Our research started immediately, even as the pearl island. Text You and I have heard the comments, I bought the meth , LEROS more time in your state information received Heads emergengy case. If you suggest ferry prices and hotel names and prices , I would appreciate if you pass them , Already tşklerr

  3. sez says:

    Hello Mr. Bulent,
    We left we were delighted to Atlaza Apartments. Operators Lavandai can talk to us. I guess that makes Discounts. Alinda and Pandeli You can also browse for other hotels in Sheep. I do not have knowledge about the current prices unfortunately Ferries. Have a nice weekend…

  4. Bulent Garden says:

    Hello ,tþkler your attention , Alinda hotel de yerimizi ayırttık 80 Euro 2 night 2 Pandeli wonderful spots as people think Ali. The ferry goes direct and 67 Euro . I hope everything will be fine , tþkler again

    • sez says:

      Fantastic… I think you've got a very good price. Rooms in the hotel's tavern, but not so super location and right on the side (To Steki) delicious. Saturday is going live music, You can even listen to your room. We did not have direct ferry to the island before. you're in luck. If you write a review after returning, I think readers will benefit for. Have a nice weekend…

    • Bülent Uygur says:

      Hello Atlaza aparts us to stay at the hotel we thought Ali in August. I wonder did you do like resin poles. What was the name of the ferry company . Is it possible to take cars . Do you have any advice also?
      Thank you in advance for your help.

  5. The only says:

    I'm going to the Feast,We stayed at Pandeli…I wondered if the ferry port and taxi How much can we distance between Pandeli?

  6. Guvench says:

    Ben gidecek arkadaşlara tavsiye niteliğinde bir not düşmek isterim ada çok küçük iki gün maksimum üç günde sıkılabilirsiniz adada araba kiralamak gezmek için mantıklı ancak çok dikkatli olun kaskolu araç Yok adada küçücük bir çizikte bile dünya para istiyorlar özellikle feribot iskelesine gelen giannakos firmasından uzak durun ben yandım başkası yanmasın zorbas ve Dimitriy’nin yerini tavsiye ederim yemekler hem ucuz hem güzel hotel olarakta alea mera olabilir anna diye bir bayan işletiyor Türklere çok yardım ediyor

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