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Kas was a place I wanted to go and see for a long time. Years ago I gave a break while touring the southern provinces, Kas, but this time he wanted to enjoy a nice. Kaş not want to listen to one of the regulars at, Imagine not see calmness views, described enthuse appetizers, is hardly possible to keep from dying to taste sweets already. Dear friend Alper margin, Jane-goers, a pair of eyebrow Zodiac tüyolarıyla 2012 Ankara, Turkey in June jumped in our car to see this beautiful place.

Ankara will en route for opium after Elmalı 2 options are available. Or, enter in the path of the forest or go to Kas Finike there until the inilip. Although there is less on the map forest road is very winding road. Traveler brotherinlaw Yalcin Phoenician monuments with a smoother path that I have chosen obeying tüyoya. Our aim is to arrive as soon as possible to our destination rather than the journey, yemece-drinking cure is to enjoy the road, gezmece-görmeceyle extended the journey well in this regard because of the dark, we said let's turn the forest path.

When we reached Kas hours 22:00 was around. Parked in the parking lot in front of the gadget can easily find Begonville Our host hotel, and remove our belongings in the room after our dream began to explore the center of Kas. Kas is really a tiny place. Definitely do not need a vehicle. Walk in the streets, a very enjoyable drink and eat something small spaces. This tiny place to find different alternatives, especially when it's original, and with a spectacular view down into the stomach it is really super.

As for impressions on the places; Of course the first thing when you go to a place by the sea seafood eaten. Blue House, Grape Girl, Coral and seafood restaurants to the fore Dolphine. Daughter Blue House and Grape them at reasonable prices compared with other alternatives,. Çınarlar'ın very tasty pita pita and derivatives. Kiosk for Hatay cuisine Restaurant, For those who prefer to eat home-cooked food a good choice of Honeysuckle Restaurant. Blue beautiful music that night out medandaki a popular venue for. Barcelona prominent bars. Beach, opposite the Echo's barn breaking space AsmaaltI place but cozy place with live music. Case, For blues and light rock music can be recommended Hideaway.

Activity to do during the day is the most beautiful beaches to sit and relax on the beach, enjoy the sun and sea. Derya Beach Beaches located east of the harbor and plane trees. Further to the east there is the small pebble beaches and the Great Gravel. Built on wooden platforms, consisting of beaches, cliffs Darya and plane trees and sunbeds-umbrellas available. Admission is free, but there needs to drink something and eat-. The prices are very reasonable. It's like some of the famous places of resort 0,5 lt Suyun 5 The places where TL is not strictly. Full remember, but drinks 3-4 £, pita-pizzas 10 TL was about.

We loved the Çınarları'da Derya. I already entered the sea, in the almost the same. But I think the most beautiful part of the port of Kas, approximately 15 Limanagzi be reached by a short boat ride in motor-minute beet. Boats, respectively, Bilal, Don Quixote and Nuri's stop at the beaches and leave you where you want to. Charge 5 TL and come to Turkey paid. Boats approximately every half an hour until the evening turn round and takes you back at any cost. If you say you'll look a taste of all the beaches up and down the first time after spending Bilal Don Quixote'a and may Nuri. Kas also here as well as reasonable prices.

The remaining part is west of the harbor beach in Kas AsmaaltI. More quiet around here by plane trees and Derya'ya. Here, too, so much fun to spend time with.

4 day we left the sea in Kas recently, the sun, serenity, After enjoying the delights of a day to cater to our stomach also decided to allocate places nearby. Where to go, Mr. Leo Begonville owner of the hotel could do what caught our help thinking. She is a very sincere, honest and sincere man,. Closely involved with us thanks to the finest detail and told us places around Kas. First, let's talk about popular activities in the area of ​​Kekova tour. Tours hour 10:00'The exit, 18:00In the form of return. Mr. Leo has recommended Xhantos Tour. We went to a glass-bottomed boat tour to Kekova formerly allocate time round we did not want to have done. But other proposals for the brain to listen to Leo 1 We decided to devote the surrounding attractions before the present,.

Program was as follows: We're in the direction of exit Fethiye Kas. 24. km'de's Kaputas Beach. Image is really great. The beach was really charmed by the new breakfast but did not want to swim in the evening, returning at sunset, can we have have already come, and he continued on our way.

27. km'de Kalkan was. Mr. Leo said, however, to waste time in Kalkan, Kas, while listening to his advice and crossed the pass shield 37. km at Patara pass örenyeri'ni 42. Xhantos km at the ruins, which served as the capital reached Likyalılara. Wandering among the ruins made a trip to the past. Reminds us that a very large campus during lunch hours alone, as we'll recommend gidilmemesini.

Leo drew us to program the brain 70. Scroll up to see the canyon at Saklikent and Islamlar kms on the way back stop in the village of Musa restaurant Yaylı'nın trout fish or bonito buttermilk pancakes had to eat in the village, but did not go further than Xhantos'dan “slow holiday” We wanted to stay true to philosophy. So I go back to the ruins of Patara Patara beach capital of the Lycian race took place under şemsiyemizin. Ruins input 5 £ Museumcard current. Patara beach 12 km long sandy beach with a tremendous. Eating and drinking on the beach, WC is also available as a facility that meets the needs of ( picture was taken from the beach). After enjoying the sea-beach, we visited the ruins. Parliament building, lighthouse and ruins of the theater of interest.

Patara ruin the enjoyment of the sea and started our way and we had a little more Kaputaj standing on the beach. There was, however, works tenhalığından Kaputaş'ın hours in the morning. The beach was filled to overflowing, and every 5 minutes and bringing new visitors to a tour bus. For those looking for a peaceful setting close to the hours of the early morning hours or at dusk the sun can recommend.

When we reached Kas peninsula Cukurbag a turlayıp decided to return to the hotel. At this point, Kaş is a wonderful entry manzarının, our car park at the edge of the road and also to say that we really enjoyed watching the sea go there scattered benches. Kas is a small town, I can tell a lot about the fact that you have written to. What a beautiful, positive thoughts, which “goodbye” We said to this lovely place. Muscle “slow holiday” philosophy, the lack of large club-disco places, trades-business owners behavior was very pleased with us. Obviously a little bit afraid when penning this article. I wonder wrote an article praising a danger to our town is going to happen in this beautiful. But then they get carried away her beauty Kas visitors, show careful to maintain, I believe that a calm air of Kas bozulmayacağına. If you go to someday, for the sake of this article I ask you to take good care of Kaş'ımıza. See you again.

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  1. Jane says:

    Ellerine saglik 🙂 gidesim geldi valla

  2. svd says:

    merhaba emekleriniz içn teşekkürler 🙂

  3. kytmaz says:

    To visit your site every day since I found out it was supposed to.
    Emeğinize, entry is increased health…

  4. hhy says:

    Thank you very much. We are very happy to get such nice comments.

    If you want to be aware of recent articles, are above the facebook icon they "like" button to press.

    Have a nice day.

  5. Typhoon says:

    kaştayız now, and you'll move tavsiyelerinizle. Thank you. typhoon.

    • hhy says:

      How beautiful these are saved now. I'm good outings. Tavsiyeler bir nebze yardımcı olursa ne mutlu bize 🙂

  6. saglamu says:

    I really like your site.
    This year I will go without me arkadaslara pleasant moments I wish I'd gidemicek…

  7. cantac says:

    siteniz gerçekten bir harika bu sene tek başıma çadır kampına gitmeye karar verdim ve buradan birkaç not ekledim bile ajandaya gidilmesi görülmesi gereken yerler olarak.15 ağustostan itibaren çok şey olacak Kaş’ta 🙂

  8. Sensing the indomitable craving says:

    I'm currently busy writing my trip to Kas, Just because you have let me see what I leave I have read your article investigating, Eyebrow really peaceful, clean, in a warm place. Tekrar gitmek gerekir diye notumu bile düştüm adının yanına 🙂
    If you come on my blog I would like to have someone, yaşasın gezi arkadaşlığı 🙂

  9. Beyzanur Sekmen says:

    We're a family Eyebrow sağlık 9 gezmeyi-day vacation in the hope that all the places I would recommend everyone back in really great place in Kas

  10. çağla says:

    Based on a magnificent site and yazılar.bu writings that year, my plan is already kurdum.tatil holiday guide now:)

  11. emre says:

    Hello, It was the summer is very nice and smooth, receive health.

    We are also thinking of switching to Kas day at the moment and we're chalets wife. Here is a little beach is pebbly beach and the sea is always not bad. Is there such a facility in Kas? What places do you say it would be for a day trip you should see?

    • hhy says:

      Hello, Thank you very much. I suggest you to go to the beach for a day trip Limanağzı'na and Kaputaş. Moreover, the sand there Kaputaş.

      Good outings.

  12. Craving says:


    Thank you very much for your article. I read with pleasure and I took my notes. How is an oral question in May will be? Known as sea ice. Let's not go overboard in titre titre. 🙂


  13. Drop says:

    Harika bir yazı olmuş ellerinize sağlık diyelim 🙂 bu yaz kalkandan başlayarak antalyaya doğru bir tatil düşünüyordum sizin yazınız ile kafamda birçok şeyde şekillenmiş oldu. Near shield kaputaj only one thing that caught my attention is being mentioned in the Blue caves to be seen as. It is a wonder you have any information about ?

  14. neşe armutcu says:

    we want to go to the end of a feast eyebrows
    Where can stay I saw the paper through derken.b. very good information from yayinlamissiniz.sen gitmistik.gercek before they fall to us from heaven a köşe.sade decide where we'll stay..

  15. Songül says:

    Excellent… 2 Let kısmetse Kaş't for days after the holidays. Heyecan dorukta 🙂 yaklaşık 16 I go for the first time after years of. Yuppiiii 🙂

  16. Nihat says:

    Maybe those described on the eyebrows may be a little old. Water is the cheapest food burger places described this price 20 tl. Kit Intrinsically incredibly expensive taxicabs to Istanbul. Do not say I do not go as aaaaaa. But eyebrows are very, very beautiful place :))

  17. Rare says:

    I would like to critique anyone other than a friendly. Your writing language and limited to what is described as a very nice. If you tell sections or categories indispensable. For example, Kekova glass-bottomed boat that you see before you read through this article I have seen do not explain the scope, Kaleköy not included in your travel notes; Please do not say we wrote eyebrows. Unintentionally have misled people going to go for the first time can. Greetings and love

    • hhy says:

      Of course, every place we visit is not possible to write all the details. Kekova and, of course, among the places to be seen around Kaleköy. However, under the name of friendly criticism “Please do not say we wrote eyebrows” and “Are you going to confuse people have” in the form of accusatory attitude is not possible to accept your. In such cases, usually those who want to act constructively explaining the beauty of the places mentioned, if there is a link to his blog to inform everyone scrambling for sharing. No one to guide our articles, to mislead, not mentioned as the place is not our intention to punish. Our single goal is to share what we know. Falling close to the way I take this opportunity also to see the Kekova, and I would recommend Kaleköy.
      Have a nice day

  18. Saffron says:

    Hello;I soon okuup notes line by line valle two children are planning to go on holiday

  19. Honor says:

    Dark side of the peninsula Hedo Çukurbağ also suggest you do not see. Have the tools to shield from Kaş price at certain times this year 2 TL’ydi. If you want to be within walking distance or a half-hour walk to where you can go. Not aware of a great bay aquarium. Bugün caretta caretta bile gördüm 🙂 Gözlükle giderseniz çok memnun kalırsınız. In addition, raw pie pancakes and business owner is doing a very nice aunt. Very reasonable prices. 3 beer in a pancake 30 £ gave only. If you go early in the morning, Select where you want to be more comfortable loungers can.

  20. Ahmet says:

    Your article was beautiful, thanks. I today 2 I've come to blog , I hope I hope that's enough. Sabah ilk iş kaputaş plajı 🙂

  21. erol says:

    ordayız festival, See summer was useful, thanks

  22. Beray says:


    6 year old 2 lazy little girl who does not like to walk is suitable for holiday?

    • hhy says:

      The inside of the eyebrows is a small place and not have to walk too much. If you specify that the place and how your daughter likes what, I can tell whether you are looking for something maybe eyebrows.
      good evening.

  23. Because says:

    Hello If your blog is very nice teacher grant'll do something about it konseptd forward to me as a tourism. Sir, I Datca Side Manavgat Marmaris but this summer I went to places like Kas peninsula Çukurbağ Olea Nova Bar Waiter I worked as one of our family-friendly hotel. I have a question eyebrow is how the sea is deep clean my teacher midi Are the light-wave ?

    • hhy says:

      Thanks. I wish it easily in your new job. The sea is often long eyebrows can now be entered for the cliffs. But from the beach around Kas has also entered location. You can take control because there gradually deepening sea. I went last sea was clean. Wavelength generally increases with the direction of the wind and decreases although moderate. Have a nice summer.

  24. mien says:

    Kaputaş nearest our hotel close to the beach kalabilceği- apart- I wonder where the board

  25. hhy says:

    As far as I know the closest place to stay in shield. If you ask in terms of ability to walk back and forth, I think she does a close up. Good for a ride.

  26. enis says:

    we'll go your way, thank you..

  27. conqueror says:

    First, thank you for your efforts. I was looking for a quiet place to honeymoon after the wedding. I took my notes I read your article. I think I'm going to honeymoon in eyebrows. Thank you..

  28. tahir says:

    03/08/2015 but on my brow tights 3 the day is almost no tourists never kalbil
    Everything is very good quality candidates dominated by domestic tourists especially wind wonderful; There is also another dimension of this work are trying to get everything soo much, but the absence of expensive domestic tourists all tourists must guarantee a hard bargain 3/1 drop off… The best vacation ..:)

  29. tahir says:

    kaputaj put a natural beach on the road in the Mediterranean will stay in place there is no cafe gives a beautiful beach runs municipal services. certainly appears to say..

  30. Sema says:

    Hello, Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful and informative. You spend a lot of labor. Ankaradan Kas 2 You mentioned the way options. We prefer our way roads are not wide mountain road. Can you help us in this regard? 1 weeks later. We are planning a trip to Kas. Ankara’ What would you recommend from route? Thank you in advance.

    • hhy says:

      Thanks. If you do not like the way the forest is opium-Burr-Korkuteli-out must go to Finike Kas. After Burdur after newly constructed roads Çavdır, Successful, You can also Kas west after Kınık. Have a nice trip.

  31. recail says:

    I travel a lot for this place. Beautiful places

  32. Craving says:

    Hello, You are so beautiful, really Kai anlatmiss, I would like to thank you. We're planning to go this summer insallah. Bi question olucaktı. we Antalyayı line with sivasd ican army career path till we drive. – Finike Price demredenm of the chassis to go gecti? It is too bad roads and virajliymis, Obviously a bit scary. We would appreciate if you illuminate us. Thank Simdiden.

    • hhy says:

      Thanks. Finike-Demre way I think the best way you can go to Kas. Yes, even worse alternative but a bit twisty roads. Have a nice trip.

  33. merve özcan says:

    You tell your health Very nice hand:)
    We also plan to go to the Kas from Antalya airport in July, deniz kenarı olan virajlı yolu tercih edeceğiz 🙂 Yol üzerinde önerebileceğiniz Kahvaltı-Kahve-Mola mekanları var mı? Olympos’a mı uğrayıp denize girmeliyiz yoksa Çıralı’ya mı?

    • hhy says:

      Valle road which is actually less bend in the road by the sea. It includes a winding path from the original. So you do not like any of the other into the path of the sea. Chirag-Olympus already in the same place as them 1-1.5 km was. There beachfront make you both can swim and breakfast. Some restaurants in the shower, There are also opportunities loungers. Have a nice weekend.

  34. Mehmet sait sarıbaş says:

    By reading the reviews here on my brow holiday 16.07./23.07.2016 I conducted between.
    I hope my comments will be beneficial

    6-7 The first day we had our daily holiday sea Beachdene. Are you warming up under the influence of water resources in small pebbles as the sea is cold, but water is everywhere accustomed immediately greeted us fun fun with a friendly atmosphere next to it. We became friends with the employees. no fee chaise longues like almost every Beachdene to that of the brow when it comes to the beach price. 20-25 Fill in the TL you like to eat and drink umbrella loungers limits are ödemiyo. prices are very far away from the basement fountain. 2 person 4 great tea 3-4 beer potatoes 68 We paid TL. very reasonable.
    2. day 10 min walk distance by taxi 15 We passed a large gravel tl. I think this is the source of cold water spray emerges boğuştug more with the sea waves have now deepening. Beachdene same concept to internal loungers payment. this is not a place to pass the time until the evening but should be tried sea. We did it again the same day finale sea Beachdene
    3. We attended the day must be done kekova boat tour. 70 TL başı.tekn people are without music in the most beautiful side. We chose the safari grand edenil and we think we've never been comfortable with large boats bearing Oise. wonderful coves and turquoise blue waters of the sunken city a must-see. I do not think you can negotiate the price translated back to. already 70 tl and gives the right boat trip.
    4. kaputaj welled day eyebrows boarded the bus station per person 5 tl. dünyaca ünşü bu plajı görmeden dönmeyin, yine burasıda 1 günü harcıyacak bir yer değil. deniz dalgalı ve biraz soguk ama yine alışıyosunuz. sırf foto cekimi için bile gidilmesi gerekir. ramazan bayramında belediye tesis yapmış wc duş ücretsiz. yeme içme cok uygun

    5. gün kaş merkezden 2.5 tl olan dolmuşa binerek cukurbag yarımadasına gecerek hidayet koyuna geldik. kaşta en sevdiğim yerlerden oldu. denizi mükemmel caretta ve ilk kez gördüğüm farklı farklı renkteki balıklarla yüzüyorsunuz.yalnız saydığım yerler arasındaki beachlere göre biraz tuzlu bir yer. bir soda bir su 11 tl, ızgara köfte 28 tl, çay 7 tl ve şezlong 10 şemsiye 5 tl. beachin içinde ağaçların altında da takılabilirsiniz, şezlong şemsiye zorunlulugu yok yani. 20 tl gidiş dönüş ücreti ödeyerek tekne ile 10 dkda limanağzına geldik. limanağzı da görülmesi gerek yerlerden. 4 beach var. tekne sırayla gezio istediğiniz yere bırakıo sonra akşamda alıo. yine konseptler aynı beachlerde. biz ilk önce nuri’s beache geldik. öğleden sonra yürüyerek( tekne de ile geçilebilir) diğer beachlere geçtik. delos beach, la monda en son bilal beach de günü sonlandırdık. bence limanağzında diğer beachlerde vakit kaybetmeye gerek yok bilal beach hem daha uygun hemde daha hareketli. bilal beach bnm favorim
    7. gün tatil finalini derya beachde yaptık ve yine pişman olmadık

    dalış için de mükemmel yerler ve acentalar oldugunu da öğrendiğimi ekleyebilirim

    ayrıca akşamları ev yemekleri yapan restoranlar dolu rahatlıkla 15 tl ye ev yemekleri yiyerek karnınızı doyurabilirsiniz

    merkezde mekanlara göre çay 1,5 tlfen başlıyor

    mavi bar, ayı bar , fırt bar bizim sevdiğimiz yerlerden oldu. 30 cc bira 12 tl civarı

    kaşın tek olumsuz yanı taksi ücretleri. taksimetre nadir açılıyor fiyatlar fix ve bayağı bi pahalı

    kaşa ilk kez geldim ve aşık oldum resmen doğal ortam sesizlik sakinlik dingin ve tertemiz deniz
    bi daha gelmemek mümkün değil hatta insan hiç dönmesem mi acaba diye düşünmüyor da değil 🙂


    • Murat says:

      Güncellemeleriniz güzel ve yerinde olmuş.
      sizin de belirttiğiniz gibi, fiyatlar, gelen insan sayısına paralel olarak yükselmiş.
      Ama kaş her zaman yine gidilesi, yine gidilesi bir yer!..

  35. SuaT information says:

    Çok harika bir yazı sonuna kadar okudum büyük keyif aldım 2 gün kaldım yeni döndüm ve yerleşmeye karar verdim

  36. Bade says:

    Hello, biz nisan sonumayis basi gibi orda bulunmayi hedefliyoruz sizce tarih olarak cok mu erken olur Kas icin

  37. Coral says:


    nisan ayı sonu ve mayıs başı için soğuk olur mu fikir verebilirseniz sevinirim. Balayı için gidicez , Gidip görmeyi çok istiyorum fakat sadece Kaş a da bağlı kalmak istemiyoruz. Devamında rotamızı başka yere çevirebiliriz. civarda gezilebilecek antik tarihi müzeler de varsa süper olur. Thanks in advance…

  38. Oktay says:

    Otel sahibi Aslan Bey, müşterilerini Kalkan’a kaptırmamak için muhtemelen size Kalkan’ı pas geçirmişKalkan’da 2 gün kalan bir daha Kaş’a gitmek istemeyebilir, çünkü dogası daha güzel ve bozulmamıştır 😉

  39. Ahmet says:

    kaş/kalkan bu bölgelerde sessiz sakin kafa dinlenecek yerler neresidir acaba ? deniz falan önemli değil insandan uzak hayvana yakın olsun kafa dinlenecek yer

  40. the timuçin says:

    Emek verip bizimle paylaştığınız için teşekkürler
    Çok açıklayıcı bir rehber oldu bize

  41. Bekir says:

    Merhaba yazınız çok güzel öncelikle onu belirteyim. Kas Harbor? You are so beautiful, really Kai anlatmiss?
    I would like to thank you ?

  42. I rented vehicle Antalya airport says:

    We're planning to go this summer insallah. Bi question olucaktı 5 we Antalyayı line with sivasd ican army career path till we drive 80 Finike Price demredenm of the chassis to go gecti . It is too bad roads and virajliymis 130 Obviously a bit scary 150 We would appreciate if you illuminate us.
    Thank Simdiden . Finike-Demre way I think the best way you can go to Kas . Yes, even worse alternative but a bit twisty roads . You tell your health Very nice hand. We also plan to go to the Kas from Antalya airport in July. We will choose the path that bends the seaside

  43. Murat says:

    Çok güzel bir yazı olmuş tebrikler.
    Kaş’ın son 28 yıllık değişimini bilen birisi olarak yine de Kaş diyorum.
    With all respect…

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