Wilderness Natural Beauty: İğneada

17-18 May 2012 way down in order to attend a conference on Turkey's north-western point Iğneada. Depending on Kirklareli in Demirköy İğneada'nın 33 km-long sandy beach is really nice. Settlement of farmers in the flooded forest is Europe's oldest forests in this region, Because, Saka, Bath, Also available in many natural beauties, such as lakes and Çilingoz Pedina.P1050318See in the Star Mountains, forests, impressive approach Iğneada. The most striking building in İğneada'nın we left off in the Igneada Resort Hotel. Positioned on the beachfront hotel, rooms are quite nice inside and the room views. Restaurant is part of the view is great.

P1050295 P1050294After settling in to our hotel in the south of İğneada'nın İğneada went to the flooded forest Forest National Park. Saka lakes located near the baths and wanted to see this place after a certain point, but was not able to advance from. Because lakes are fed by water flowing from the mountains in the spring Löngöz forests Star overflow occurred finish flat land covered with water, forests,. Winter and spring around here is covered completely with water, sitting in the water in the summer and autumn. Rare in our country, both in Europe and the continuity of forests Löngöz base is connected to the water levels in May, pleasing even the presence of water in the field.P1050280

These obstacles can stop us saying, my feet were able to overcome the waters passing bags.

However, the shoe to the next pond is large enough to be overcome in the previous bags we had to go back to seeing the lake. In this respect, the region will visit the winter-spring period, I would recommend them to bring them into the mud and water-resistant boots. Still images are quite impressive parts of the national park could go. P1050288 P1050290Ash forests of flooded forest, beech, oak, linden, beech trees, such as dogwood and incorporates. Quite a lot of bird diversity in the region. White-tailed eagle, kestrel, black stork, awkwardly, woodpecker, cormorant, able to see the types of birds such as egret, and coot. Seen wandering around in the woods quite impressive black storks.P1050274 To the north is the village of Resort Hotel İğneada Limanköy. Limanköy'deki lighthouses offer a welcome sight. Restaurants to eat and drink something while watching all the sheep on the hill in view of the fatigue of the day is ideal to throw.P1050322

Löngöz for those wishing to explore this magnificent forests, guided nature tours, coach and cycling is also possible to participate in. In addition, horseback riding on the beach of the many activities in. Even the hotel's brochure, even if it binilebildiğini wetlands wrote hovercrafta. We are focused on the eating and drinking some nice fish to eat, he says he decided to go to the nearby Kıyıköy.

The road is quite nice. Through the villages, snaking between the advance was quite pleasant forests. When we got a lovely fishing village of Kiyiköy but we had a terrific storm, and therefore much dolaşamadık streets. Way for us to eat immediately headed acıktırdığından. Went to the restaurant in the pavilion overlooking the harbor with the recommendations of the local. The fish was delicious but a little more oil to be used and frozen shrimp came to cheer me up a little bit disappointed in the way it matters made our way. The way back was a bit adventurous. Iğneada, but it was not planning to return to take the exit Kiyiköy benzinimizi. Impaired gas station pump, therefore said fuel satamadığını. Kıyıköy our light entering the vehicle's gas tank was burned, and the trip computer 35 showed that the range of. When asked about the nearest gas station where she got the answer to the Vize. The distance 30-40 miles up the plumber said,. Is trivialized by mouth to say that 10 kilometrecik the unknown became a very big difference for us at a time. 25 I went up to miles of range indicator (–) shape the way, fuel warning light began to flash and sound. These warnings are only increased the excitement among us. We saw a gas station, saying the full, to be closed was a major blow to his. “Damn it off up to a spent fuel” he continued to. Stressful trying to step in and driven accelerator as little as possible in a 10 minutes, and then finally reached the gas station we took a sigh of relief. Them to good account the issue of petrol will go to the area and would like to remind small settlements petrol bulamayabileceklerini.

Another place worth seeing is the way I read Iğneada also was Dupnisa Cave. After the conference the way back to Ankara Cave Dupnisa were going to enter the turn Demirköy. Sheets showing the cave is very small and sometimes even have to look carefully to see the bush-branches remain under. Road is a bit narrow and curved, but quite tasteful scroll through green landscapes in the great.P1050303 P1050328

İğneada'da about 30-40 After a long journey we reached Dupnisa'ya min and left at the entrance to pasture gadget. The entrance fee if I remember correctly 3 Was $. Dupnisa about cave 4 million years since the formation of a large underground system, and continues to 2720 meter-long cave is said to be the second longest in Thrace. That make up the top floor of the cave, the cave is dry 200 Water meters forming part of the ground floor of the cave 250 Some meters 2003 opened to tourism in. Inside, there are really amazing images. In the cave has an underground river and stalactite stalactite-stalagmite formations surrounding a small lake formed by the river also gives the feeling of a gezegendeymişsiniz. The road to the entrance of the cave is a little narrow and slippery mud when it rains. Eger sez'in slovenia postIf you would like to see a similar one in the cave you can see Dupnisa'yı think of it as an alternative to the.

P1050332 P1050340 P1050338 P1050333 P1050353 P1050348 P1050341 P1050359 P1050350 P1050365 P1050360

Worse at the entrance of the cave exit. As there is a way to properly fumble certainly down a steep slope. Including the surrounding, so we lost a few times, almost everyone lived in danger of falling. I hope that one day, here is a way of stone or wood.

After removing a little more greenery navigation in Dupnisa'daki enjoy this adventure is the end of the…

P1050374 P1050380


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19 Responses to Wilderness Natural Beauty: İğneada

  1. ocean says:

    Was a very nice article, great photographs. I wanted to go too, but the route to the region 3 yaşında bir çocukla gezmeye pek uygun değilmiş 🙁

    • hhy says:

      Thank you very much. Let's grow up a little more, little one. iyi eğlenceler 🙂

    • other says:

      asil 3 yasinda ki bir cocukla gezmek icin uygun bir yerkisa bir zaman once 4 and 5 yasindaki 2 cocugumla bu ormanda 6 gece kaldim. muhtesem ve unutulmayacak kadar buyulu bir gezi oldu ben ve cocuklarim icin. butun cocuklar bunu hakediyorlar !!!

    • Üftade says:

      Ben Kırklareliliyim ve kendimi bildim bileli devamlı gideriz özellikle piknik yapmak çok güzeldir orada. İki yaşımdayken de kaybolmuşum mesela annemler filan baya aramış beni ama gerçekten Trakya insanından kötülük gelmez demişler ya.. Kaybolduğum zaman başka bir ailenin yanındaymışım meğer onların çocuklarıyla oynuyormuşum eh haliyle bir şey dememiş insanlar da 🙂 Yani diyeceğim o ki güven ile gidebileceğiniz bir yer :)) (Tabi oğlunuz şuan 7 yaşında olmuştur malum…) Belki bir ihtimal hala gitmemişseniz görüp gitmeye karar verirsiniz

  2. Karasu eminent says:

    İğneada to be seen to do a wonderful nature and a place of incredible beauty. Even today, almost a miracle that it is not messed up. Because of limited availability of transportation facilities in the region as yet undiscovered and unspoiled guess. Because of their non-car transport is really a very serious problem for. We found a place to stay while exploring the internet, thanks to tourism firms have overcome this problem and we had a great weekend.

  3. Hakan Celebrities says:

    İğneada’ or optimal transport route Jul’ From Spring to follow the route after Hisar Luleburgaz bookies, If you follow the signs directing you in the Demirköy and İğneada the HUB village you make a very smooth ride. Mountain roads are widened and last stage’ was also asphalt. Babies with people using this route will make a smooth, even and smooth ride.
    June from the other side – I would advise you to see your swimming in September that gorgeous beach. On the other hand İğneada Resort Hotel ATV and Longos or organizing tours with more advanced tools ecological sense if you disagree, you are very rich have seen this natural wonder of the place.

    • hhy says:

      Thank you for the information you provide

    • jonquil says:

      Hi, we may take the advice we please stay on: Natural, We are seeking a boutique place.

      • hhy says:


        As far as I know, he does a boutique hotel style around. There İğneada Resort for something a little luxury. Other than that, I think there is no other alternative than simple board.

        Good trips

  4. Muhammet says:

    individual freedom camp

  5. hasan says:

    İğneada'ya 10 The way I was falling stocks. Without doubt I go to year this year.

  6. Zeynep ELİF says:

    ben 18 cents, but I did not know that such beauty that iğneadad…

  7. EDA mistral says:


    The information you provide great, we stayed at the same hotel…
    Asphalt all the way to İğneada'da, properly and if possible we want to go on a road virajsız.
    Which way would you recommend?

    • hhy says:

      Thanks. At the time that I went was continuing road works. It is now very probably completed road. , Hence the best way out İslambeyl of-Demirkoy. It bends a little but. Have a nice trip.

  8. Figen UNIVERSE says:

    Merhabalar Bir Trakya kızı olarak ;
    İğneada bizler içinTrakyanın Bodrumu,Trakyanın İncisi olarak tabir ediliyor.Ben ve eşim 18 yıldır iğneadaya ,gidiyoruz.Muhteşem Istıranca ormanları ile yeşile,eşsiz ve temiz suyu ile mavisine her defasında hayran kalarak dönüyoruz.
    I will continue to keep track of your text and images to your text fainted after Slovenia incredibly beautiful she wanted to see the country .very nice article greeting ederim.b ….

  9. I'm perfect nature sea water when the name of the great esnafi guar yuzlu everything was so natural mukemel

  10. jasmine says:

    hello summer when the season opens we think to arrive ready for the first week but cold olurmu ?

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