Flights to India–Holy city of the Ganges in Varanasi

Ankara Ataturk airport, went down smoothly. As soon as the normally 18:30 to the disappearance of our aircraft are already 2 learned that hour delayed. We also had time to the lounge Business Bank. In the meantime, news of a delay come and 3 saat rötarla 21:30 boarded the plane to Delhi. before boarding an elderly aunt and her daughter talked with Ankara to turla. They also go by Nepal. We learned we get back the same plane. Nepal is obviously a little jealous when you hear. In fact, we initially thought to include Nepal tour. However, the price is relatively increasing (Due to Delhi-Kathmandu flight) as well as the program is very sıkışacaktı. Maybe 1 Even more weeks could be added in Nepal. Entangled in the whole world as my aunt came to India. Tour that will always rounds were going, and have never experienced any problems. Could be admitted to the fact that people sometimes problematic bit squeezed Sezos. Memories of the best trips we wish to share with each other, turn left.

About 6 After an hour ride we went to Delhi. Selected from the world's best 2.havaalanı Delhi airport. Extremely large, clean and modern. We were due to the domestic airport, the bus passed through the domestic flight to. About 15 dk. Spice Jet counter in health will make a trip our bags after we have delivered for our flight to Varanasi. And had our breakfast and drank a cup of coffee 09:30 hour's flight 10:30 We reached the Varanasi.

Hindus made pilgrimage to Varanasi (holy 7 One of the city), occurrence of the holy river Ganges in approximately 4000 over the life of the oldest cities in the world with years of history. Also known as Benares. Stairs at the side of the river Ganga ghat here called Hindu pilgrims worship are washed into. The most interesting aspect of this city is right on the river side, especially for foreigners, cremation specific ghatlarda. Hindus believe that death-life tekrarladıklarına continuous chain of cities to get rid of dead burned kavuşacaklarına believe in peace.

Then we will be taking our bags at the airport hotel, the Hotel Alka'nın set off to meet with the taxi driver sent to pick us up from the airport. (by taxi from the airport to the hotel 650 Rupi) In the meantime 1 TL = 28 Rupees. When we met the first shock departure. Complete chaos in traffic. Definitely not used rear-view mirror. Everybody's always playing the horn. We know there is no traffic rule is obeyed. When we enter into the city, the taxis, Cycle Rickshaws, Cycle Rickshaws bicycle, Used cars, people, We started a full choke in the rat race of cows. I already went down after a certain period from the vehicle and walk through the narrow streets of the old town around our hotel 1 We reached the end of time.

The edge of our hotel overlooking the river Ganges on the proposal of my dear Victory Bozkaya'nın we chose a room in the form of. (Per room overlooking the river 2000 Rupi) Good thing I stayed here in. There are an amazing atmosphere. The inner parts of the city's luxury hotels in Varanasi usually. The edge of the Ganges in the hostel or guesthouse-style places available. The atmosphere is very nice, but we are used to these areas quite far from the standards of comfort and luxury. Ama Ganj nehri, on the boats, ghatlar and filled with all the elements that make up the silhouette of Varanasi has a spectacular view.














We went out immediately to leave our bags in the room. Our first target is dead in the immediate vicinity of the hotel was burned ghat. The edge of the river at the reception after the stimulation started walking in the direction of absolutely inconspicuous photo. River cruise that offers a lot of, trying to sell something, Indians who want your money trying not to step on broken away from the slime of cows closer to the ground dead burned. Could someone disguised as a Hindu priest after us. Insisting that the contacts or dealer, The only purpose is to tell us the details of the Hindu culture and kept saying cremation ritual. While we never left us by insisting we were away we exorcise. Directories before we learned to read and tell a lot of things we already know and stopped. In the meantime 5-6 body was on fire at the same time, ashes and smoke-filled mess. Together with other tourists about 15 minutes watched. Was filled with people waiting for the death of the old abandoned house on the back side of the building. In front of the building there were heaps of wood. Cremation man disguised as a priest, but decided to leave over the wood for the benefit of people kept asking insistently burned. There is disorder in my pocket 100 Rupee did not have to, but at least we were away kaldık.Adam went still very satisfied with. After casting the first astonishment, and one more accustomed to this kind of environment did not fall into the trap of. 're Going to do the most important advice is to keep in your pocket very small quantities of coins. Approaching it with you if you insist on such people, and to banish the listening environment certainly leave.

Walk along the river to leave the dead were burned ghattan walked across all ghatları. Monsoon time, especially being able to walk around the Ganges water rises incredibly happening. Each ghat has a name, and the property. Some houses have been praying, laundry washed in others, Some of ghatlar only bufalolara, Some are religious ceremony. Children playing cricket, clergy orange dress, beggars, watermen, ghatlar vendors, and a splash of color with a puzzled tourists browsing.














Ghatta dead burned, and a smaller distance from a photo I took teleobjektifle

Assi Ghat is walked across the center up to Ghata. Have a rest in the back streets of the city with a Riksa silk shawl called Baba Black Sheep, We went to a shop selling cloth and pashmina. Varanasi is famous for silk weaving and this is especially very popular book shop called LP. This shop is very expensive Rikşacımız persistent, knows that he is in a very cheap and good quality, but we do not respect much gave up on seeing. Where do we want to go through all the adventures you already Riksa insists taken to other places were subjected to offers. Of course, we aim to get the commission take their contracted shops. For which we have rejected the clear and precise statements prepared in advance bored and give up.

Baba Black Sheep in a peaceful manner is extremely comfortable and the fabric does not cover Indian shawls have seen and done, and shop for. As a man, I was not even very favorite patterns. I would recommend this place.

Hindus, the Ganges and wondered where all the tourists evening time when consecration ceremony rikşaya aartiyi boarded a bike to go to watch the Dasaswamedh Ghata. Outdoor seating on the one hand, swearing swearing were in the flow of people watching with amazement. Close to the start of the ceremony, the busier the dust thoroughly. A Hindu temple on the back balcony of the Far East with the aarti ceremony watched tourists flowing. This ceremony is being done every evening. Quite a large crowd watching the ceremony from the sea by boat.

About 1 After the hour-long ceremony came to our hotel from the river bank again. For dinner on the roof of the next-door restaurant chose to Ganpati Guest House. Here is the first Indian metal plates and ate our dinner a bit too timidly. Although a little spicy lentil soup, and quite delicious vegetable pie. By the way we eat Indian food throughout our travels as much as possible, and no gastro-intestinal problem, I would like to yaşamadığımızı. Places and especially our customer base is usually recommended guidelines that travelers like us to choose the places I have contributed to this situation.

After dinner, went back to our hotel and the next morning our tour of the Ganges in the morning set 06:00 retreated to our room to agree to meet our guide at the reception. The first surprise of the day was extremely peaceful sleep we took v eyol fatigue.

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7 Responses to Flights to India–Holy city of the Ganges in Varanasi

  1. good luck says:

    life “Would definitely go” I'm also the only place in india(outside). well this one sitting in my apartment while living in America and every day I have to eat his neighbors remove my stomach. During my life I've never heard so much bad smell. Despite repeatedly telling him that I did not give up I do not know what it is wisdom. I certainly do not disparage; that's their culture and yet I have now become not draw(of)m.

    So many blogs lately about India and travel writing I have read so much that I think I'm going to say will no longer be myself. bu yazıda onu destekler nitelikte işte 🙂 fotoğraflarla beraber çok güzel bir yazının başlangıcı olmuş. later, you know, I'm not curious. Let's just say thank you, sir, I look forward to more..

    • sez says:

      Nevertheless it was cold as ice in St. Petersburg, donarım “Spice World”ya gitmem der gibi geldi bana 🙂 Aslında biz de çekinerek ve biraz da merakla gittik ama onca yerden sonra bu farklı kültürü daha fazla gözardı edemedik. Unfortunately 1 week only 6 city ​​sığdırabildik. We read that a lot of the southern iddilalı and already started to collect data even. Make sure that we know are interested in photography will get different flavors.

      • good luck says:

        haha 🙂 aslında tamda onu dedim. self-cooling me seriously my neighbor Indians managed to get up after I go to India, I think this is also echoed in the ears of my cheekiness. You get there, wandering soul of that kind of’ şey birazda 🙂 (so of course I say to myself)

  2. longing to rob the says:

    ocak ayında biz de hindistan yolcusuyuz.yıllardır gitmek istediğim ama her seferinde rotayı başka ülkelere kaydırdığım gizemli ülkehindistaneşim oğlum ve kızımla bu yolculuğu yapacağızçocuklar biraz endişeli yemekler ve temizlik yönündenvaranaside kaldığınız otelin ismini verebilir misiniz?zafer beyin kitabını birkaç sene önce almıştım.şu an başucu kitabımkendisiyle de irtibata geçtim sağolsun her konuda çok yardımcı oldu.hindistan a gitmek isteyenler için mükemmel bir kaynak

  3. butterfly says:

    Şimdiden iyi eğlenceler dilerim. Varanaside Hotel Alka da kalmıştık. Bence manzarası, konumu ve fiyat/performans oranı gayet iyiydi.
    Zaten bu oteli de Zafer beyin önerisiyle bulmuştuk.

  4. Ayse Arslan says:

    Hi…Ayni yolculugu nisan ayinda yapma niyetindeyiz.2 yada 3 bayan olacagiz.nerde kalacagimiz konusunu ogrendik.havaalani otel transferide tamam.otelden ganj a nasil gittiniz?nerde yediniz ictiniz?ganj icin kac gun ayirmaliyiz?bilgi rica ediyorum

    • butterfly says:

      Ayse Hanim merhaba,

      Eger Varanasi de bizim kaldigimiz otelde kalacaksaniz zaten otel hemen Ganj nehir kenarinda. Oteldekilere sabah erken saatte Ganj nehri turu yapmak istedignizi söylerseniy onlar kayikciyi ayarlarlar. Sabah belirlenen saatte sizi otelden kayikci alir ve direk tekneye götürür. O tur sanirim 1 saat civari sürüyor ve günesin dogusunu teknede izleyebiliyorsunuz. Programinizi tam bilemiyorum ama Varanasinin Ganj kiyisi son derece enteresan. Ölü yakilan yerleri ziyaret edip aksam da kutsama törenini izleyebilirsiniz. Sanirim 2 gün yeterli olacaktir.

      Simdiden iyi eglenceler.

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